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VegeCaps empower you to make your own supplements with pure ingredients. VegeCaps are vegetarian, fast-dissolving, and easily digestible. VegeCaps are multi-use:


  • VegeCaps can be easily filled with vitamins, minerals, nutrient powders, herbs, and spices.
  • If you are taking many tablets for your health needs, you may fill several smaller tablets inside a VegeCap, so you can take 1 tablet instead of many.
  • VegeCaps can also be filled 
  • VegeCaps run very well on all makes of high speed automatic encapsulation machines as well as manual capsule filling machines


VegeCaps are vegetarian, Kosher, and Halal certified.


Package comes with 1,000 size 0 vegetarian, clear, empty VegeCaps.


VegeCaps are made from are made from cellulose HPMC hydroxypropyl- methylcellulose), derived from plant fibers, and water. 

VegeCaps (Size 0)

  • How to Fill: VegeCaps are easy to fill. Separate the capsule. Fill the body of the capsule (the smaller piece) with the powder(s) of your choice using a spatula and gently tapping the outside of the capsule body. The capsules can also be filled using capsule-filling trays. Videos of capsule filling techniques are easily available on YouTube. VegeCaps are ideal for filling with herbal and medicinal powders but are not suitable for liquids.


    Powder formulations are ideal. Examples include vitamins, minerals and nutrient powders, or herbs or spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, ashwagandha, neem, karela, etc. You may also fill the VegeCaps with smaller tablets to make it easier to take multiple tablets. If you are taking multiple tablets at the same time, and if the tablets are small enough to fit in these capsules, one can take one capsule instead of taking 2-4 tablets. It is not recommended you crush tablets into powder form to fill into VegeCaps. Always consult a doctor before filling VegeCaps with additional tablets.


    Fill Weight: The weight of powder which can be filled in VegeCaps depends on the density of the powder.


    Filling Liquids: Since these capsules dissolve in water, they cannot be filled with water-based liquids. Oil or an oil-based formulation can be filled in VegeCaps. If you fill VegeCaps with an oil or oil-based formulation (e.g. fish oil supplement), we recommend using the filled capsules shortly after filling. Alternatively, the filled capsules should be frozen to solidify the oil, as oil may leak through the small gap between the cap and capsule body. Any water in the oil or oil-based solution may damage the capsule shell and cause leakage.

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