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Testimonials on Narmoil

Narmoil is an All purpose oil blend and it is mainly used as a massage oil. However, I prefer to use it as a hair oil. I had a problem of "hair fall" and within a few applications, I observed less hair falling. I apply at night and  wash hair the next morning. Also, it is not as sticky as other hair oils.

My friend introduced me to this great product., Narmoil  I started to use it on my beard. I was surprised to see my dandruff went away. I stopped using Narmoil for few days to test out. Dandruff resurfaced. I started to use Narmoil and my dandruff vanished again. I am a happy camper now. 

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Testimonial on Vegetarian capsules

The capsules arrived very fast. The quality was great and it seemed that there were too many capsules in one pack

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SV's Testimonial on Essenzale

I live in New Jersey. I have had few years of nasal allergies and sinus congestion. One of my nostrils would get blocked in the middle of the night. I could not breath and would wake up. It was hard to open the nasal passage again at night. I changed doctors to get different opinions and treatments. After many trials, I found a nasal spray by Perrigo, which opened my nasal passage once it got blocked, but I could not use this product more than 2-3 days as per the product's instructions. I have now found a helpful alternative to allergy medicine, the Essenzale nasal inhaler, steam inhaler, and neti pot. I am loving Essenzale. My nasal blockage has reduced after about a month of usage. I can now sleep throughout the night and feel better during the day. Essenzale is far better than all other alternatives I have tried so far. Thanks to Tara for providing a pre-market sample of Essenzale to me. - SV

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MS' Testimonial on Essenzale

I received Essenzale-1 and Essenzale-2 to help me improve my breathing after Covid-19 related respiratory issues.  My breathing was shallow and I found that Essenzale uses essential oil blend to help improve the breathing.  The ordering and delivery was smooth and prompt.  Both inhalers have unique blends and one can feel the difference between them.  The inhaler has specific instructions of how to use it and mentions to breathe deeply while using the inhaler.  Initially due to my breathing issues, it was a bit difficult to perform deep breathing.  But I could feel that upon usage my breathing pattern improved.  I used them frequently for the first few days (every couple of hours) and experienced marked breathing improvement.  The aroma of the oils are very distinct and you can feel each essential oils.  I have used it over a few weeks and it is still working well for me.  I will buy the product again as something handy and easy to use and highly recommend this product as a natural remedy for nasal congestions. - MS

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