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Portable, non-medicated, aromatherapy nasal inhaler tubes made with natural essential oils. Aromatheraphy provides a fresh lift to your day and relieves tension and congestion, promoting well-being, happiness, and peace. Essenzale may relieve congestion from colds, allergies, and hay fever.


Essenzale-1 (Clarity) contains cinnamon bark oil, lemon grass oil, organic oregano oil, clary sage oil, organic pine oil, eucalyptus oil, and clove bud oil.

Essenzale Nasal Inhaler Aromatherapy Tubes (Clarity)

  • Remove the cap of the inhaler. Hold the inhaler close to one nostril while holding the other closed. Breath deeply 2-3 times to inhale the vapors. For those who practice yoga, this is very similar to anulom-vilom pranayama, or alternative nostril breathing. Repeat the procedure with the other nostril.  Close the cap tightly. Use throughout the day, 1-5 times.

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